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Insurance Claims Help and Assistance Outlines

Every year homeowners experience losses due to fire, water, or severe weather. People often lose thousands of dollars by not having insurance claims help. ThePolak and WeFixItUSA of Colorado helps insured individuals properly document and navigate the insurance claims process and dealing with adjusters in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Few property owners understand that the burden of proof and loss is on the policyholder – not the insurance company.

Important Steps You Should Take After Experiencing any Property Loss or Damages
  • TAKE GOOD "digital" Photographs - not just simple cell phone pictures.
  • As soon as possible, report the loss to your insurance company or agent - BE SURE TO CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY! - some customers call a major plumbing incident such broken water pipes - "a flood" .. and thus get turned down because they have no "flood insurance" coverage. DON'T LAUGH .. it has happened!
  • Protect your property from further loss or damage - this is normally a part of your insurance policy. Make any and all reasonable repairs to protect the property.
  • Make sure to keep accurate records of any and all costs associated with any repairs - this includes your own time and travel or other expenses.
  • Keep records and notes of any increased costs in living expenses or expenses that result from the loss. You may be required to file a sworn “Statement of Proof of Loss” ( usually on the phone ) within a specified period of time after the loss. ( this is normal )
  • Secure a copy of your insurance policy with the applicable declarations that are unique to you.
  • Many of the items above may be required of you as the homeowner, and as outlined in your insurance carrier’s “Contract of Insurance.”
  • We can assist you with any of these important action items - BUT YOU MUST CALL US!
Consider what Colorado State Law Clearly States .. As a homeowner you should know the following:

Most policies outline that as the homeowner, you have the right to have any repairs to your home made by a contractor of your choice; No insurance company or adjuster can “authorize” any contractor to proceed with work on your property. Repairs can only proceed with your authorization;

THE SALESMAN .. Restoration & Remediation Salesmen / Replacement Window Salesman and Others at the Home Shows / Siding / Doors / Quality of Materials - Guidelines and Help

There’s a major difference between stretching the truth and outright lying, and anyone who tells you that salespeople can be successful without stretching the truth a bit is, well, outright lying. ThePolak might not be the brightest guy around - but every salesman can not have "the best windows" .. or the "best doors" .. that is impossible. THINK ABOUT IT? .. some are good, some better .. only one best.

There are times when a little manipulation of the truth is unavoidable. In a world that’s not perfect, competition does strange things to salesmen .. and many customers don’t make the best decisions .. to the point of VALUE vs. COST , or long term COST vs. RETURN ON INVESTMENT ... or WHAT CAN I REALLY AFFORD. Stretching the truth and the facts becomes a tool in the salesman’s toolbox - The difference between stretching the truth and outright lying is that stretching the truth retains some level of honesty - for example you might save some dollars on heating and cooling costs, HOWEVER – paying for itself in 3-5 years or 5-7 years - LET’S GET REAL!!

After 23+ Years .. my relationships with my customers has matured, and telling it like it is from the perspective of real life experiences, satisfied clients - helps me be better able to anticipate your needs, wants and desires allowing me to reply honesty .. and my straight-forward reputation.


The window salesman knocks on your door and tells you his "sales pitch" that switching out your Oldach Windows can save you 40% to 50% on your energy bills. If pressed, he'll admit that's if you buy the "triple pane" .. "low e" .. super deluxe window package including all the bells and whistles..

The next day .. the "siding salesman" knocks on your door and tells you his "sales pitch" .. this time that residing your house can save you 30% to 50% on your energy bills... and if pressed .. he'll admit that's if you do the super deluxe package including insulation in walls, attics and crawl spaces ..

The next weekend you and the wife go to the Home Show .. the "deck sealing salesman" tells you a long story about how their products are warrantied for 30 Years!! WOW!! But when pressed for the whole truth .. they charge for coming back .. the warranty is voided if there is hail or other damage or Acts of God .. they’ve only been in business 5 years – so how will you get a 30 YEAR WARRANTY?

The "re-bath” salesman tells you all about remodeling your bathroom in 1-2 days! What a "sales pitch" .. this time, you better have a clear understanding of what all they DO NOT DO .. or what they COVER UP .. JUST LOOK ON LINE at all these scams and quick fix deals to get between you and your hard earned money!

ON and ON it goes folks .. forget about all the "to good to be true" stuff , and Call "ThePolak" today and let's talk some real answers.